installation & upgrades

From time to time a Central Heating System and Hot Water System may require replacing as the repair may be uneconomical or you may just want to upgrade to a newer more efficient appliance. 

Whether its the complete Central Heating System, the Boiler or any part of the System that you make want to replace, we are the guys to call. We can carry out the full installation from begin to end and leave the property warm and cosy. 

For a free*, no obligation, HONEST quote, please contact us here and we will be glad to come visit and provide you with a comprehensive quote after carrying out a full survey. The quote will be emailed to you and will be valid for 14 days.


*  If you are after a quotation for installation or upgrade work, that requires a visit to the property for assessment, there is a charge of €65 in BTW which will be refunded should you accept the quotation.

The charge of €65 in BTW, covers the time to travel to the property, cost of parking and up to an hour of our time.

remote heating control

Let's be honest, we have such a busy lifestyle that the last thing we need to worry about is whether we have turned the heating off before leaving home, or will it be warm when you return home?

Wouldn't it just be amazing if you could have the control of your Heating System when you are out and about having fun, or at work? Or even better, how about a Heating Control that can learn your lifestyle and routine... Yeah thats right, you read that correctly the first time round.

Over the first couple of weeks after installation it learns and tracks your heating routine and then controls your heating system and makes your system more efficient and therefore reduces your gas / energy bills and you can carry on with your life without worrying about wasting money on your energy bills

Meet the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat. It's even more beautiful with a slimmer, sleeker design and a bigger sharper screen. And now it controls your hot water tank. It knows the temperature you like when you're home. It turns itself down when you're away. And that helps save energy.

Central Heating Filters & Cleansers

We all would just love for the Central Heating & Hot Water System & Boiler to work perfectly forever.


Therefore it is strongly advised by all boiler manufacturer's that a central heating filter is installed that prevents particles of corrosion to enter into the boiler and cause damage to the internal parts, which can lead to costly repairs.

How does the SpiroTech SpiroTrap MB3 work? Watch this short video explaining how it works and the benefits of having one on the Central Heating System in your home